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Mob Museum in Las Vegas by 2010

In the words of Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, “I don’t think anybody is able to do tongue-in-cheek the way Las Vegas can do it.”

He was referring to the general idea of the mob museum in Las Vegas, but there are many things that he could have been referring to instead with the exact same statement. However, when Las Vegas decided to build a new museum in their downtown district in an attempt at revitalization, it was a foregone conclusion as to what the museum would be about. Still, the Las Vegas Tourism Board took the opinions of tourists that came to the city on a regular basis and more than 70% of them showed positive thinking towards the idea of a mob museum, blowing out the competitors of gambling, magic and Las Vegas icons.

With that kind of support on the ropes for this particular project, it now falls to Mayor Goodman and the Las Vegas city council to start work on the mob museum. They already have a name for the museum and from here on in it is to be known as The (redacted) Museum. The symbols for the museum include court documents with different things redacted in them, including the word mob just as it has been redacted in the title of the museum.

For Mayor Goodman, this is perhaps an extra-special moment. The mayor started his career out as a criminal defense lawyer and some of the people he ended up defending in court were actually members of organized crime. He eventually switched sides however and started representing the people of Las Vegas in those same cases, earning him the ire of his former clients. All in all, Mayor Goodman has had a good look at both sides of the issue from a courtroom perspective and this perhaps makes him the perfect figure to usher in the mob museum in Las Vegas.

There have been concerns raised by some that a museum on the mob would be glorifying the organized crime lifestyle, but city councillors have decided to dismiss this issue, stating instead that the museum will be doing the exact opposite. It will be taking a very real look at the influence of the mob on the history of Las Vegas, including the start of gambling in the city when it was just a seedy venture with nothing but dishonest people running the casinos. The museum will look at how the organized crime influence was removed from casinos through strict government regulation and that in turn will show people just how much can be accomplished against organized crime with a little determination and hard work. In short, the museum will be a testament of the evolution of the city of Las Vegas from nothing but a centre of crime and corruption into one of the best tourism destinations in the world today.

Rather than glorifying organized crime, the museum will be glorifying the victories that Las Vegas has won and the excellent results (such as fair gambling) that they have brought back as trophies from those victories. Before your travel to Vegas you should also get some Las Vegas Tourism Advice.

We also recommend a visit to the the Debbie Yeynolds museum when your in Town.

There has been talks about building a Las Vegas Europe, in cooperation with a UK land based casino. We will have more news about that later.

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